• Barre Strength with Danielle

    Join Danielle for this lower body workout focusing on glutes and core. Warm up and cool down with some basic yoga moves .

  • Barre Strength

    Join Danielle for this Barre Strength workout. Option for some lightweights. This is a full-body workout that could be completed additional rounds for a longer workout session.

  • Barre Strength Focus on Form

    A fast and furious workout that focus on good form with just your body weight. No props needed.

  • Barre Strength Full Body Planks

    Barre class for the whole body featuring several versions of a plank.

  • Barre Strength feat. Standing Core

    Workout with Danielle in this fusion style Barre class featuring a standing core series and yoga flows to keep the heart rate up and down the entire class.