Watch this video and more on Yoga 4 Fitness

Watch this video and more on Yoga 4 Fitness

Strong Flow with Brittany

Vinyasa Flow • 26m

Up Next in Vinyasa Flow

  • Dolphin and Forearm Strength

    Christina will guide you through this flow that will warm you up with some standing poses. Test your balance in a tree variation, then move on to the mat to work on prepping the shoulders for Dolphin and Pincha

  • Core Drills

    This practice is designed to strictly focus on working all areas of the core. This will strengthen the core and get those hidden muscles that sometimes we neglect to work. Great for prepping and getting you ready for inversions and arm balances

  • Strength and Flexibility with Jessie

    Join Jessie as she guides you through this class focused on improving flexibility through the hips and hamstrings while build strength through core. Lots of mat work and connecting to the earth.