Individual Classes

Individual Classes

Don't like to commit? No worries You know have the option to rent or buy individual classes through Yoga 4 Fitness. Rental Period is three days or buy and have for ever for only $9!

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Individual Classes

29 Videos

  • Twist & Backbends with Brittany

    Join Brittany as she guides you through this sequence, featuring twists and finishing off with backbends.

  • Getting Started w/ Meditation w/ Danielle

  • Slow Flow w/ Trudy

    Join Trudy for this easy, relaxing flow to reduce stress, increase flexibility and relax the mind.

  • Flow for Fun

    This Flow will start with some floor warm-up, move to standing postures, test your balance and finish off with Paperclip.

  • Energy Flow

    Join Christina for this quick energy generating flow. Focus on building strength and using breath and movement to get you moving.

  • Functional Strength Yoga w/ Danielle

  • Barre Strength

    Join Danielle for this Barre Strength workout. Option for some lightweights. This is a full-body workout that could be completed additional rounds for a longer workout session.

  • Hip Openers and Backbends w/ Brittany

    Build heat within the body, working through standing postures, moving to hip openers and finishing off with backbends.

  • Fire Up Your Core With Brittany

    Join Brittany for the strength and core building flow- to fire up your core and get you prepared for more advanced postures.

  • Yin Yoga w/Trudy

    Slow down with Trudy in this deep stretching yin practice. Hold poses for longer period of time allowing you to go further in to your practice.

  • Cardio Flow

    This flow is designed to give you more workout in less time. It will quickly elevate the heartrate, build strength, with options for inversions and arm balances. Designed to let you get your yoga in when you are short on time.

  • All Level Flow w/ Jessie

    This flow is designed for all levels. Great for beginners with options given for those who want more. Join Jessie as she guided you through this motivation flow.

  • Slow Flow with Trudy

  • Chest and Back Opening Flow

    Christina will guide you through this practice focusing on chest and back opening, option for binds, and finish off with some floor backbends and camel

  • Strong Flow with Brittany

    This intermediate flow can be adapted for all levels challenging core, balance, and upper body through standing poses and compression. Be prepared to lengthen the back body and hamstrings.

  • Yoga for Strengthening Hips w/Danielle

    An all level yoga class designed to build strength in the hips. Close with supine hamstring stretches. Props needed include a yoga strap, belt or tie.

  • Barre Strength Full Body Planks

    Barre class for the whole body featuring several versions of a plank.

  • Yoga with Jessie

    All Level Flow class with Jessie.

  • Hot 108 Series

    Let Christina guide you through this 26 posture set series Created by Missy White of Studio 108 . This series is great for people who like the Hot 26 Series but like to have some more creativity and flow in their practice. Practice outside or turn the air off to build heat and experience maximum ...

  • Core Drills

    This practice is designed to strictly focus on working all areas of the core. This will strengthen the core and get those hidden muscles that sometimes we neglect to work. Great for prepping and getting you ready for inversions and arm balances

  • All Level feat. Warrior 3 w/Danielle

    Enjoy an all level yoga practice that keeps your mind and body moving while working on your standing splits to warrior 3 transition. Danielle offers options through out the class to make it your own practice. Feel free to flow through chatturanga dandasana or hold your plank and build the core.

  • Dolphin and Forearm Strength

    Christina will guide you through this flow that will warm you up with some standing poses. Test your balance in a tree variation, then move on to the mat to work on prepping the shoulders for Dolphin and Pincha

  • Strength and Flexibility with Jessie

    Join Jessie as she guides you through this class focused on improving flexibility through the hips and hamstrings while build strength through core. Lots of mat work and connecting to the earth.

  • Yoga Hamstrings w/ Danielle

  • All Level feat. Half Moon/Star Pose w/ Danielle

    Be a star! Work on balancing your star pose or investigate the hip rotation in your half moon. Let's move on your mat and make yoga fun.

  • Barre Strength Focus on Form

    A fast and furious workout that focus on good form with just your body weight. No props needed.

  • Barre Strength with Danielle

    Join Danielle for this lower body workout focusing on glutes and core. Warm up and cool down with some basic yoga moves .

  • Full Rocket Series Workshop with Brittany

    Brittany breaks down the entire Rocket Series. Great way to keep the heart rate elevated and really dive deeper in to your practice.

  • Yogalates w/ Jessie

    Focus on quick strengthen and flexibility class